Monday, September 27, 2010

Teen Court: Positive Results

A fourteen year old sits on the stand as he is questioned fiercely by the defense and the prosecution. He is regretful and sorry for his actions and his choice to use drugs. He admits that the drugs were not only a waste of his money but also the drugs have destroyed parts of his life.

Teen Court Programs are designed for first time drug offenders between the ages of nine and eighteen to teach them, to learn from their mistakes of drug abuse, without having to serve jail time. The teen court programs work just like juvenile justice programs, where the teens go on trial in front of a jury and receive a punishment. However, this jury is not full of middle aged adults, but teenagers, some of them who have either gone through the program themselves or are currently completing the program. Also the teens must admit their guilt before they are allowed to enter the teen court program, therefore the trial is not in place to find out the truth but to evaluate the situation and apply the appropriate consequences. Part of their sentence is to come back and be a juror.

Most teen courts are molded after the original teen court which was formed in 1983 in Texas. The purpose is to reform the misbehaved teen through positive peer pressure. Since this process has been a success, other countries have taken interest. Such countries include Japan, France and Australia. Around 130 teenagers are pushed through the program a year with only a twenty percent recidivism rate. That is lower than the teens that go through juvenile court instead. Teen court provides more attention for the individual and has more to offer than rehabilitation.

We at Inspirations Teen Rehab understand that occasionally, teens who are struggling with behavior issues, oppositional defiance, or substance use or abuse issues, act out in ways that cause them to encounter problems with the legal system.

Inspirations provides a teen addiction treatment program and services in response to a teens and families needs to adhere to specific court orders, juvenile probation, or a juvenile diversion program. Court orders must not involve circumstances or charges, in which a teen was violent or a threat to others.

The mission of Inspirations Teen Rehab Juvenile Services Program, is to assist in the prevention of juvenile delinquent conduct, prevention of continued disruptive behavior, and the prevention of adolescent drug abuse, and to provide for the care and rehabilitation of teens.

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