Monday, September 27, 2010

Prescription Drugs Are Stealing Lives

There is a misconception with overdoses; drug users are no longer just minorities, delinquents, or people from low-income neighborhoods, specially, when it comes to the new drug trend of abusing prescription pain killers. This abuse is leading to overdoses and the overdoses are killing teens coming from all levels of income with caring and loving parents. According to a nationwide study in comparing car crash deaths to prescription drug overdoses, 45,000 die due to car fatalities while 39,000 die due to prescription medication overdose.

The main sources of teen overdoses are opiate prescription pain killers. The major problem is the teenagers’ lack of understanding of the addictive side of prescription drugs as well as its danger. Pain killers are highly addictive and create problems besides overdoses. Attitudes and behavior change, grades start to drop, and worst of all, they lead to other drugs. It is common for prescription medications to be gateway drugs. Often when the price of buying these prescription pills on the street gets too high, people turn to heroine, since pain pills mimic a heroine high.

In fact recently 30 teens in a treatment facility for addiction to opiates have admitted to turning to heroine as a cheaper solution to their addiction. When asking the experts, one Oxycontin pill costs about $80, a gram of cocaine is $50, and heroin is even cheaper at about $10 a bag. Prescription opiates are easily available in medicine cabinets and through friends. The addiction and overdoses are problems in addition to death which can be easily caused by mixing the pain killers with other drugs and or alcohol. The mixing of substances is not uncommon and more than often lead to negative effects.

Do not wait! Death from prescription drugs are becoming very common. After the death of a 17 year old teenager who ingested a pain killer pill at a party, many people started to pay attention. Parents be aware of your teens’ party. The 17 year old teenager who died was attending a high school party when offered the prescription drug. These parties are called “Pharm” Parties which are parties where prescription drugs are offered to guests. Teens are not just abusing prescription pain killers but also, anti-anxiety medication, and over the counter cough medications.

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