Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pennsylvania Involuntary Teen Drug and or Alcohol Addiction Treatment to Help Parents

Pennsylvania Involuntary Teen Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Drug to help parents/guardians - Addiction is becoming an alarming problem amongst our young generation. Parents report that they do not know what to do or that they cannot do anything to control their teen. Now, the parents of addicted teens in Pennsylvania have a choice.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has upheld an act that allows parents and/or guardians to have their minors involuntarily committed for drug and/or alcohol addiction. It is the parents’ right to make the choices in the best interest of the child. The parent of the minor is able to receive treatment as a form of medical treatment in hopes of recovery and a brighter future for the child. The act that allows constitutionally for a parent to commit their minor involuntarily is known as Act 53. Although there are some concerns of how the minor will be assessed for the need of inpatient treatment and for the duration of the addiction treatment, the Supreme Court ruled in majority vote six to one in favor of Act 53. There was a question of violation of due process for the minors, guaranteed by the fourteenth amendment, however, the court felt that there is no violation of the minors’ due process when weighed against the goal of providing them with addiction treatment.

So a parent who suspects their minor of abusing drugs and or alcohol can file a petition under the Act 53. Then a medical professional will conduct an assessment, followed by a formal hearing before the court, with the minor being represented with counsel before the court will involuntarily commit the minor. However the Supreme Court pointed out that there is no constitutional right to a formal hearing for the minor if the parent of the minor believes that the child is in need of medical treatment for their addiction, where in such a case, a minimal informal hearing will suffice.

Drugs in general are highly addictive and addiction is a medical condition. A user is trying to achieve the same high that they felt on their first use, however, a user can never get the same high. It only takes one use of a drug to become addicted. It only takes one use to overdose or die. Like all medical conditions, treatment is necessary.

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