Friday, February 27, 2009

Teen Drug Treatment Center

Getting Help from a Private Drug Treatment Center for your Teenager

Inspirations Youth and Families offer psychotherapeutic treatment for chemical dependencies such as drug addiction and alcohol addiction for teens age 13 to 17. At our youth treatment center we provide a positive environment to help teen addicts or teens that are in the pre stage of addiction to deal with their physical and physiological dependencies.

Our licensed teen residential addiction treatment offers a powerful combination of programs: Teen Intensive individual addiction treatment program, family and group therapeutic sessions, educational program for teens in recovery, teen life skills management, and recreational/sports program . Our teen addiction treatment programs combine a motivational treatment program with the "accountability" concept, emphasizing, respect for family, respect for others, and a teamwork approach towards daily goals and accomplishments.

Behavior modification is a very important part of your teen's addiction treatment program. During enrollment at our Teen Addiction Treatment Center, one of our licensed psychiatrist meets with the parents and collects information about their teen's behavior and past activities. Other family members and sometimes even teachers are welcome to complement the observations through a questionnaire or letter. The information/observations gathered will bring a better understanding of your child to us. Understanding your teen and his/her daily activities and surroundings will help us understand the behavior he/she is displaying. Additionally, understanding your child's daily life will help us with the greater goal of understanding the cause and effect of the behaviors, thus helping to affect change towards a clean and sober life.

In many cases, some form of behavior modification along with cognitive therapy and medication therapy are the preferred methods of treatment for disorders such as ADD, ADHD and Conduct Disorders that does or does not include the use of substance abuse and dependency. Behavior modification and cognitive therapy are also commonly used in the treatment for disorders such as Eating Disorders, Mood, Depression and Anxiety Disorders.

If you have any questions, please know that we are here to provide you with support and guidance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our toll free 1-888-387-6237. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions free of charge about teen behavior, substance use, adolescent addiction, teen drug rehab, or other related matters. If you would prefer, please fill out our short form and one of our counselors will respond.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is your child in the pre stage of addiction?

Inspirations has received many calls in the last few months from concerned parents that are suspecting their child is using drugs.

Just by talking on the phone for a few minutes with these parents we are able to find out many times that their child is in what we call the pre-stage of addiction. A fast intervention at this point is essential in order to protect the child from further involvement with drugs or alcohol.

Inspirations for Youth and Families is a licensed residential treatment center for troubled teens ages 14 to 18 and their families who are struggling with the chaos of teen behaviors and or drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. During your teens enrollment to our Teen Addiction Treatment Center we will tailor a personal educational plan for your teenager. Inspirations for Youth and Families offers an "On-Site", Preparatory format school program, for our teens to maintain High School Credits.

If you are a concerned parent and have found our blog while searching on the web and would like more information, you can leave us a comment, visit us on our website or call us 24/7 at 1-888-387-6237.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why teens get involved with drugs and alcohol?

Teens become involved with drugs when socializing with peers for many reasons. Research indicates that at risk teens may display the following signs and symptoms: academic problems or difficulties, poor parent-teen relationship, being unaccountable and have large amounts of free time especially when minimal interests occur, family difficulties including parental separation, marital problems and poor relationships at home. Some teens who present mental problems are at a higher risk to becoming involved with substance abuse. Other reasons why some teens get involved with drugs and alcohol are lack of self esteem and a need for acceptance with a social group.

If you are a concerned parent seeking counseling from a certified mental health professional with experience in youth and substance abuse, please call us at 1-888-387-6237 we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week or visit our website at:

What should parents do if they find out their child is on drugs

The following signs and symptoms are observed when teens are using drugs or alcohol: reduction in academic grades or attendance, poor attitude when not related to chores or basic requests, avoidance of family members coupled with isolation and withdrawal, sleep changes, mood swings, change in peer group, change in hygiene and health, missing items such as IPOD’s MP3 players, electronics and computer games as they are sold or traded for substances.

If you suspect that your child is using drugs, you should talk to him/her about your suspicions avoiding direct accusations. This talk should take place when he/she is sober or straight, and you're calm. This will show your child that you still love him/her, but you are most concerned with what he/she is doing to him/herself.
Taking time to discuss the problem without turning away from it is an important first step on the road to recovery. Most important, act fast, seeking counseling from a certified mental health professional with experience in youth and substance abuse and treatment is critical for your child and family. A parent’s quick response and treatment for the teen and family is essential. We at Inspirations for Youth and Families offer you a place for hope. If you need help with your troubled teen, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please call us at 1-888-387-6237 or visit our website at:

Monday, February 23, 2009

What is triple C?

Triple C, or Cordies depending on what part of the country you are from is a slang term for the over-the-counter medication Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold and it is the most recent drug that teenagers are using to get high. They are available as red tablets containing 30 milligrams of dextromethorphan. It is likely that individuals abuse similar products, which may include Coricidin HBP Chest Congestion & Cough (available as softgels containing 10 milligrams of dextromethorphan) and Coricidin HBP Maximum Strength Flu (available as tablets containing 15 milligrams of dextromethorphan).

Recently a family came to us with their 15 year old daughter that had just experienced the effects of Triple C. The family reported that their daughter has never taken drugs before. It is amazing to see that what prompted her to start using these drugs were pure pressure to fit in a new school. She was told specifically by a friend, to fit in use triple C. Little did she knew triple C only helped her to fit in the emergency room. It took a whole day at the emergency room and 3 days at home for her to become normal again. She had the shakes, clinched teeth, dilated pupils, aching muscles and double vision. She did not remember even going to the emergency room. She vaguely recalls been sexually abused by the same friend who introduced her to triple C. She reports that she spent maybe hours in straight silence, going out of her mind thinking about things such as life, death, future, time travel, just things she could never imagine in a normal state.

Her parents later learned that this was the rave in her new school. It is sad to think teens feel like taking these drugs as an answer to their social problems. So parents you should be watching out if your child is spending too much time in his/her room, does not want to eat anything and it is loosing a lot of wait. Next, if they start taking to many trips CVS or Walgreens, check out what they are buying, and look around the garbage and in random spots they would try to hide things.

For more information on Triple C you may visit our website at

If you are a parent/guardian of a teenager and suspect your child to be in pre addiction stage or is already addicted to drugs and alcohol, contact us for more information on how our residential addiction treatment center can provide a positive impact in your child’s life.

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Teen Addiction Treatment Center Reports Adolescent Drug Abuse in …

In Northwest Broward county (Parkland, Margate and Coconut Creek area), our intake records of adolescent patients indicate the following drugs of abuse: opiates (oxycotin), marijuana and pills such as (benzodiazpines-Xanex most often). Alcohol is most often reported to be taken from home and friends homes.

Also the “Trible C’s” known as Cold, Cough and Congestion medicine are reported to be stolen from local pharmacies, crushed and snorted by teens. The active ingredient is Dextromethorphan (DXM) which produces a hallucinogenic high that some teens seek.

If you are a parent/guardian of a teenager that is and addicted or a teenager that is the pre stage of addiction, please know that we are here to provide you with support and guidance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about teen behavior, substance use, adolescent addiction, teen drug rehab, or any other related matters.

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Dying to Get High

Are you a parent in crisis? Does your teen's behavior include moodiness, isolation and withdrawal? Do you think its just adolescent or maybe there is a hidden secret that most parents are unaware of? The National Institute of Drug estimates that over 20 to 25% of high school teens have tried alcohol and drugs. Every adult would play the lottery with statistics that high

As the CEO of Inspirations for Youth and Families and a psychologist specializing in teenage behavior and mental health, we provide a local private residential teen substance abuse facility in Fort Lauderdale. I have become increasingly alarmed with the number of our local teens and their families who are struggling with teen behaviors and drug use. “Teen are dying to get high…” literally. As I turn on the television, read the newspaper, and read my e-mails, there are reports of teens using and abusing drugs resulting in overdoses and death. These are our teens, our families, who are being torn apart. I treat local families and teens who are in crisis as a result of substance abuse on a daily basis and there is HOPE!

Professional intervention is needed, especially when you are uncertain about your teenager’s behavior. At Inspirations for Youth and Families, licensed and certified professionals conduct these services in a caring and therapeutic manner. Addiction treatment is an opportunity for a teen to step back, take a break, and begin recognizing their addiction. During the treatment process, family support and reunification begins and the process of healing and learning to live life as a sober teen occurs.

For more information on teen drug and alcohol rehabilitation please call toll free at 1-888-387-6237 or visit our website You may also send us an email to: