Monday, September 27, 2010

K2/Spice - Teen's New Drug of Use

The average people knows about the number one drug, marijuana. The street names are weed, pot, trees, crippy, fire, and grass. However, there is a new drug posing as marijuana. A legal drug spice or K2 mimics the effects of marijuana and has gained popularity for such copycat abilities. The use of this drug to get high, has caused states such as Texas to ban K2.

Spice or K2 has a strand that mimics THC the active ingredient of marijuana. However spice is a more dangerous drug than marijuana. K2 is the brand name and can be bought online or in smoke shops. The legal pot was really created by a medical scientist and it was supposed to help a medical condition, however it was deemed to dangerous. The mimic THC, is a hundred times more potent than weed. The higher potency is cause for concern.

The drug affects the heart, brain, and respiratory breathing. The spice drug can cause effects such as paranoia, hallucinations, and a person could become minor psychotic. Signs of a change in a teen’s behavior can identify possible usage. Signs are if the teen becomes restless, paranoid, erratic, can’t seem to stay in the house, or breathing rapidly; something is wrong.

K2 has become a highly problematic substance among teens. Worst of all it is legally sold so it is readily available and accessible. K2, like marijuana, can be a gateway drug, starting with using spice (K2), to smoking illegal substances.

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