Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Texas Teens and "Cheese" (heroin) Drug Use and Abuse

Although the headlines about "cheese" (heroin) overdose deaths have faded, Dallas County juvenile department’s substance abuse program has recently reported that they cannot keep up with teen admissions. Adolescents as young as 13 are been referred to addiction treatment for addiction to the mix of heroin and sleep aids. Dallas juvenile county manager says: “We're seeing several kids who have graduated to injecting heroin, not just snorting it."

According to a Dallas Morning News analysis of toxicology reports from the Dallas County medical examiner's office, from 2005 through 2009, 30 teens 18 and under died from cheese heroin overdose. As no deaths have been made public since then and there is no agency to keep track of heroin overdose deaths, we can’t provide you with recent data.

Data compiled by Dr. Jane C. Maxwell, senior research scientist for the Addiction Research Institute at the University of Texas at Austin says that the number of North Texas teens seeking treatment for heroin addiction in government-funded facilities has remained steady. Teens from Dallas County made up the majority of heroin addiction admissions statewide.

In response to several cheese heroin fatal overdoses Dallas County started a cheese task force in 2007. Since then the group has expanded its focus to include other drugs.

Executive Director Debbie Meripolski of the Greater Dallas Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse says: "I think a lot of people think it's gone away because it's not on the front page of the newspaper," Meripolski said. "But it's still out there."

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