Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Your Teen More Likely to Use Drugs/ Drink Alcohol?

There are factors that increase the risk of teens using drugs and/or drinking alcohol. Being aware of these factors can help parents prevent or reduce the risk for their teens. Knowing the common factors that pair with using drugs or alcohol, can help parents decide when it is time to have conversations and take action. According to, there are five main categories of these indicators.

1. The Individual: The teen begins to drink or use drugs at an early age, they don’t think drugs are harmful, suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, suffers from depression, anxiety or conduct disorders, impulsive, rebellious.

2. Peers: The teen hangs out with other teens that are rebellious, drink/ use drugs, have positive views of drugs/alcohol, involved in gangs, began drinking/ drug use at an early age.

3. Family: family history of addiction or alcoholism, traumatic events such as abuse or divorce, small amount of parental supervision, no parental expectations on teens, inconsistent punishment, lack of parental concern for drug use, ongoing family conflict/arguing, parents who suffer from mental illness or depression.

4. School: the teen has always struggled with school, learning disability, on the remedial track in school, grades dropping, not doing homework, lack of motivation and commitment.

5. Community: easily accessible drugs and alcohol in the neighborhood, lack of community resources, low income community, music/tv portraying drug use and alcohol positively.

Having these factors present in or around your teen does not guarantee that your teen will use drugs, however the presence of one or more of these factors does increase the ability of your teen to interact with drugs and alcohol.

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