Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Huffing / Teeb Drug Abuse / Teen Addiction

Huffing is an increasingly common abuse behavior. Huffing is often associated with teens and young adults. It is considered a drug abuse and an addiction, due to the severe side effects, potential for death, and addictive nature of the behavior. Huffing, huffing abuse, and huffing addiction, is also known as inhalant abuse or inhalant addiction. Huffing is the intentional inhalation or breathing- in of chemical vapors to achieve an impairment or altered mental or physical condition. Abusers inhale vapors emitted from a variety of substances. Chemical vapors used as inhalants can be found in over 1,000 common household products. Common products are products which emit aerosols, gases, and nitrites. Addiction treatment is the most preferred approach for huffing and inhalant abuse or addiction.

Huffing by teenage adolescents, is a growing concern for parents, educators, addiction treatment professionals, and our nation. In an effort to save teenager’s lives, the addiction treatment community, mental health professionals, and the medical community, strongly encourage parents, teens, and families, to seek the assistance of addiction treatment centers, as a solution to the problem, abuse, and addiction to huffing. Teenage drug rehab provides the therapeutic tools for teens to learn to recover from the addiction to huffing.

Inspirations Teen Rehab
Inspirations Teen Rehab is an adolescent rehab, providing teen drug treatment and therapeutic programs meeting the traditional teen drug addiction and current or “fad” drug addictions. Inspirations Teen Rehab offers an addiction treatment program consisting of an individualized addiction treatment plan for adolescents, as well as their nationally renowned “Sober Life, Sober Choices” Program. All programs include individual, group, and family therapy sessions, traditional addiction therapy and experiential addiction therapy, including art therapy, music therapy, trauma therapy, equine therapy, 12 steps to recovery, recreational therapy, and a life skills program.

Inspiration’s Huffing Rehab or Huffing Treatment is a four-phase approach:
Phase 1: Intervention
Phase 2: Addiction Treatment with a minimum 90 day individualized treatment plan
Phase 3: Sober Life, Sober Choices
Phase 4: Aftercare and Case Management

If you know or suspect a teen is intentionally inhalating or breathing- in chemical vapors, call for help. Inspirations Teen Rehab is a nationally recognized adolescent drug treatment center, designed to meet the needs of teens and their families. A call today, could save your teens life. www.inspirationsteenrehab.com 888-757-6237.

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