Friday, August 6, 2010

Are Trouble Teens the Product of Bad Parenting

In our private and secure teen rehab center in Florida, Inspirations Youth and Family aka Inspirations Teen Rehab, the day to day activities are centered around therapy and fun activities.

Addiction Treatment Therapies such as the Individual Therapy and the Group Therapy is combined with sport activities like going to the gym or a game of basketball and swimming, weather permitting. All these group activities are designed to keep our teens busy, safe and always in learning mode. We always keep the parents of the teens attending our drug rehab facility informed about their child.

So it is not unusual to have parents of the addicted or troubled teen calling in and requesting to talk to one of the therapists regarding the improvements of the troubled boy or girl since he or she has been admitted in our teen drug rehab facility.

Almost always the concern of the parent of a teenager is that if their teen's addiction or their teen's troubled behavior is the result of their bad parenting. After all they have been told the children are the product of the society and the environment and given enough love and care they all will grow up to be normal, successful adults.

Sometimes it seems as if the parents of the troubled teens themselves can use a dose of therapy to get reassured that it is not them that caused the plight of their children.

The fact of the matter is that there are circumstances that contribute to the teen delinquency and teen drug and alcohol addictions. Absent parents, abusive parents or simply over indulging parents can have at-least contributed to the cause of their teenage troubled behavior or their teenage drug and alcohol addiction. But does it mean that the parents of every trouble teen or every teenager with drug or alcohol abuse problem is a bad parent?

Teen psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that the era of "bad teenage behaviors are the result of bad parenting" is gone.

In an article in New York Times, Dr. Richard A. Friedman, professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College in Manhattan wrote that even the best environment does not mold the everyday character traits of our teenage girl or boy. All human behaviors have hard-wired and genetic components.

Therapists and rehab consultants in drug rehab facilities, when talking to good, yet self blaming parents of the troubled teens in the teen rehab center try to re-assure these parents that it is perfectly normal to be a loving parent with good parenting skills and yet have a teenager suffering from teen drug addiction or teen alcohol addiction.

Our drug rehab center, Inspirations Teen Rehab, through the methodic work of our certified drug rehab therapists, we address the underlying causes of teen troubled behaviors and teen drug or alcohol addiction. We explore the relationship and responsibilities of the parents of the teens in our facility to the teens and the relationship and responsibilities of the teens to their parents.

We make sure that part of the teen’s learning is to understand that they are responsible for their own lives and for the parents to know that the time has come to stop blaming themselves and accept the fact that their teens made bad decisions and their teens have to accept the responsibility for it.

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