Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teen Alcohol Problems Can Start Early: Don't be an Enabler

While many parents believe it’s harmless to allow their underage teen to drink alcohol during family events and gatherings, they are inadvertently subjecting themselves to potential civil and criminal lawsuits that could bear lifelong consequences for both the teen and the parents.

The Marlboro Alliance against substance abuse, an organization created to raise awareness about the substance abuse problems many teenagers face in today’s society, recently lectured on the civil and criminal repercussions of parents providing their children with alcohol. The organization emphasized that it is important for parents to understand the liability issues that can arise from a simple scenario such as allowing an underage teen to have glass of wine during a family gathering. They also highlighted the fact that most parents fail to realize that in the event of an automobile accident in which the teen is found guilty of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel, the parents who provided the teen with the alcohol or better known as “host parents”, can be convicted with civil liability charges for being negligent and providing a minor with alcoholic beverages.

Furthermore, regardless of whether an alcohol related incident occurs or not, parents can be held legally responsible for their child’s misconduct, which could also have life threatening consequences for the young teens such as alcohol poisoning or drunk driving.

In hopes of reducing substance abuse related casualties among teens, the Marlboro Alliance has vowed to continue to provide parents with information regarding alcohol and drugs in addition to informing them on the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and other substance-abuse related complications.

Teen alcohol abuse has become a great concern for parents in the recent years. Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab understands the legal consequence that results of a teen's poor choice regarding alcohol abuse and behavior. Many times these actions might be an indication of a greater issue such as substance abuse or addiction, a mental health issue such as depression or other diagnosis. If your family is having a difficult time dealing with this situation, call us at our adolescent addiction treatment center.

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