Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Growing Problem of Synthetic Drugs

While many blame illegal drugs for causing accidental deaths and overdoses, many fail to realize that legal synthetic drugs are the underlying cause of a growing number of drug-related incidents.

Due to its legality and widespread availability, many have turned to synthetic drugs in order to achieve the same effects they were achieving while using illegal drugs. Substances such as “iAroma”, whose fumes are inhaled, were developed to substitute K2 and marijuana, which lead to serious health complications and numerous ER visits by unassuming individuals who believed that if a substance was legal, it could not have major risks. 

Furthermore, research has shown that in addition to legal substances becoming dangerously popular in the U.S, legally prescribed painkillers are just as culpable, with at least 15,000 deaths occurring from their abuse each year, a number that is higher than heroin and cocaine overdoses combined.

With a growing number of synthetic drug casualties, schools and community centers should invest in programs that focus on illegal and legal drugs circulating throughout communities in order to raise public awareness and contact authorities and even government legislators to help prevent the distribution and potentially ban any legal substance which poses a public health threat.

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