Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Trend: Vodka-Soaked Gummy Bears

Consuming “vodka gummy bears” is now considered a dangerous new trend among teens whose parents would never assume an innocent bag of gummy bears lying in the fridge contained alcohol.

Vodka-soaked gummy bears, a do-it-yourself alcoholic candy, are becoming a national trend and Inspirations Teen Rehab wants parents and teachers to be on the lookout because most of us wouldn’t suspect a child with gummy candy is trying to get drunk.

While fads come and go, this one might stick around a little longer, as several videos on YouTube have been found given step by step instructions on how to prepare the vodka gummy bears to disguise alcohol consumption. Incidents have already been reported in New York and Nebraska of children soaking the candy in vodka or gin and then bringing the bloated bears to school.

“Impact”, a local group coaching Milwaukee teens on drug and alcohol prevention, has been reaching out to teens by providing them with young peer counselors they can relate to, which in this case, is an individual from the same generation who faces the same social challenges and peer pressure the teen faces while attending school. Kaela Wojtycski, a peer counselor wants her fellow teens to know that alcohol is not the long term solution to their problems. Wojtycski has said “trying to keep your grades up, balancing between friends and school work just gets to you sometimes. But you know, doing things like drinking, smoking, are just going to add on to your problems."

The counselors have been able to successfully indentify dangerous fads among teens and work with other counselors in the program in order to discourage drug and alcohol use and promote public awareness on dangerous trends such as “vodka gummy bears”, which can go undetected unless exposed on a larger scale.

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