Monday, October 10, 2011

Negative Impact of Drug-related Phone Apps

A recently developed drug-related phone app has come to the attention of parents and counselors.

The app which is known as “Roll a Joint”, allows users to create their very own virtual cigarettes; practically erasing the stigma attached to smoking marijuana and other illegal substances while encouraging them to go into the real world and perhaps roll a few joints themselves.

The company that developed the app is known as “Full Duplex Packet”, or FDP Games., and it isn’t the only drug-related game they have created. Their 2 other apps “Smoke a bowl” and “Nose candy” all allude to drugs and can easily be purchased online or even downloaded.

Dr. Hughes, Clinical Director of Inspirations Teen Rehab says that “Anything that would encourage people to use drugs at a younger age, or to start using a drug is concerning.” Also he believes that games with drug-related content promote drug use among the nation’s teens who are already being tempted by the media and their peers to experience different illegal drugs which could have dangerous repercussions.

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