Friday, October 7, 2011

Accepting that your Child can Engage in Substance Abuse, Can Help Prevent it to Start With

Recent polls have shown that most parents under estimate the likelihood that their child would consume alcohol or use drugs. Furthermore, the polls revealed that only about 10% of parents believed their teen had used alcohol within the past year, which leads researchers to believe that most familiesdon’t have open communication with their teens or have extreme difficulty envisioning their child as one of the delinquents they often see on TV.

Whether they chose to believe it or not, 50% of tenth graders reported using alcohol and marijuana in the past year and only a third of parents believed the percentage was 60% or higher, suggesting that most parents don’t believe young teens are engaging in such behaviors.

Dr. Bernard Biermann of the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital believes that parents should never assume their teens are not enticed by illegal drugs and substances, and that it is crucial that they remain vigilant and openly communicate with their children about even the most sensitive topics. Biermann also believes that if parents foster the “not my child” belief system, they will lose the chance to be actively involved in their child’s life and might unintentionally turn a blind eye tothe potentially harmful circumstances their teens may end up facing.

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