Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Addiction Problems in Mansfield, Ohio

While “bath salts” seem to be the new drug of choice in Mansfield Ohio, Lieutenant Ken Coontz doesn't want the public to think bath salts are the only drugs families should be concerned about. "Although it is a terrible drug, we still have other problems," Coontz said. "Our two primary problems are still heroin and prescription medication abuse."

Sherry Branham, who serves as a director of program management and public relations for the mental health board in Mansfield, has long been emphasizing the importance of community awareness and educational programs and forums. Many of the forums have hosted panelists from diverse backgrounds, offering a variety of expertise. Some of the panelists have included counselors, social service representatives and city police crime lab directors.

As education and prevention is the first step in addressing teen addiction, Branham hopes the residents of Mansfield continue to attend community forums in high numbers in order to get a better understanding the various drug issues that surround them and threaten their community.

Communication between parents and teens is also a good beginning to prevent teen addiction. Teens who feel comfortable approaching their parents with challenging situations, peer pressure, and teen problems, are more likely to reach out to their parents, when help is needed.

Teen alcohol addiction and teen drug addiction are national problems, surfacing in every city throughout the United States. Ohio has been a state which faces problems head-on and seeks to find resolution quickly. It is comforting to read and know, the residents of Ohio are openly discussing teen addiction and seeking solutions for their youth.

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