Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Protecting our Teens from Drug Abuse

At first glance, the question may be fairly easy to answer, especially if you have children, but the underlying truth of the matter is that in this day and age, more and more kids are becoming victims of drug abuse and they are not receiving the help they should be receiving.

In a study aimed at high school students, 60% were reportedly aware of drug use at their schools and 10% of children between 12 and 17 years of age are current substance abusers.

Parents can be the number one help in their children's lives when it comes to drug abuse, simply because they have the means to prevent it. Prevention is believed by experts to be far more effective than any other way to protect kids from drug abuse.

Some parents make numerous mistakes that allow their children to get caught in the web of drugs. Mistakes such as believing that experimenting with drugs is a normal rite of passage, allowing easy access to medication in households and simply not spending enough time with their children are all factors that children may take advantage of in order to pursue drugs and other illegal substances.

The message here is that most children when they are busy with events such as positive after school programs, church events, hobbies, sports, etc., they are less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol for recreation, and parents play a huge part in this process that could save lives.

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