Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Juvenile Court Judge Demchick-Alloy stresses accountability

It's every parent's nightmare to see their child standing before a judge, but when the judge is juvenile court judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy, tough love may be what is needed.

Judge Demchick-Alloy's attention to police and psychologists’ reports helps her to pass justice for the many young boys and girls that engage in unlawful acts. With tough but fair reactions, the juvenile detainees both respect the judge and fear her. Recently, a 17 year old girl was brought back into court after being caught with marijuana while she was awaiting trial for another drug related charge. Judge Demchick-Alloy felt responsible to not only make sure the young girl understood her mistakes but also was given enough incentive to make her want to change her course of life.

Counts like these seem overwhelming, but for the judge who also spends a lot of time visiting various youth detention centers and programs across the state. Young offenders line up to discuss problems with her, many suffering from various problems such as psychological, substance, alcohol or physical abuse.

Those who have succeeded in straightening out their mistakes stop by to thank her.

"Each kid is an individual,” she says. “It could be any of our kids, How would I want my kids to be treated if they were in here? How would I want the judge to behave? That’s how I do my job. This is someone’s child." Outstanding judge or not, one can only hope that young individuals stay out of trouble and out of juvenile detention halls.

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