Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Needless Death - 14 year old teen dies after binge-drinking at slumber party

A 14 year girl lost her life after she and a few friends consumed numerous drinks which contained soda and vodka. Takeimi Rao of Santa Rosa, California was hosting a sleepover where she and her friends mixed vodka with soda and binge drank to the point of vomiting, all while an adult was present in the house.

Lieutenant Dennis O'Leary of Sonoma County believed Rao had taken a bottle of vodka from the kitchen cabinet and likely poured it into an empty plastic water bottle.

The unsuspecting mother of the victim, who was awakened several times during the night due to the sound of vomiting, was told by the girls that their illness was due to food poisoning. She was seemingly unaware of the presence of alcohol until she was unable to wake up her own daughter the next day.

The message is clear: Do not underestimate your children.

Incidents like this can be entirely avoided if parents monitor their teens. Parents should encourage open communication with their children in order to keep track of their child’s friends, habits and predispositions.

Is your teen abusing alcohol?

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