Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What is Court Ordered Treatment?

What is Court Ordered Treatment?
Teen substance abuse is an ongoing epidemic. It includes drug and alcohol addiction - two crucial issues the government has attempted to eradicate by implementing measures to assist in the war on substance abuse. When a drug offender is arrested, the judge generally orders him to undergo treatment.

Court-ordered treatment is also known as "coerced treatment" - the substance abuser is forced to undergo treatment ordered by the courts. The reasoning is the abuser does not possess the motivation or discipline necessary to seek treatment on her own, let alone overcome her addiction. This method is often a relief to family members who tried unsuccessfully to get the abuser to accept treatment.

What is Compulsory Drug Treatment?
Compulsory drug treatment occurs when someone who has, or is believed to have, a substance abuse problem is ordered into treatment by a civil or criminal court. This treatment may occur on an inpatient basis, an outpatient basis, or both.

Drug Courts
During the late 1980s, state courts changed their approach in handling substance offenders. They formed a separate court, "Drug Court," where treatment, and not crime, is the main focus. Drug court intervention is less costly than using the criminal justice system to process an offender. The benefits include: reduced drug use, more drug-free babies and a reduced relapse rate.

Inspirations For Youth and Families, LLC aka Inspirations Teen Rehab, provides a program and services in response to a teens and families needs to adhere to specific court orders, juvenile probation, or a juvenile diversion program. Court orders must not involve circumstances or charges, in which a teen was violent or a threat to others.

The mission of Inspirations Teen Rehab Juvenile Services Program, is to assist in the prevention of juvenile delinquent conduct, prevention of continued disruptive behavior, and the prevention of adolescent drug abuse, and to provide for the care and rehabilitation of teens.

Most teenagers on probation, holding court orders, or involved in the juvenile justice program are permitted to enter Inspirations Teen Rehab due to our commitment and ability to provide the level of supervision required by the juvenile courts.

Most teens are charged with misdemeanors. Misdemeanors transferred from a justice or municipal court typically include public intoxication, truancy, running away, inhalant abuse, and violation of school disciplinary codes that result in expulsion.

If you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment and or counseling, reach out to us. Recovery from addiction is just a click or a phone call away. If the information you are looking for is not found here and you need immediate attention you may contact us:

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