Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teen Marijuana Addiction and Facilities That Provide Effective Treatment

Teens use drugs and get addicted to many different types of drugs in the process. One common teen drug addiction is marijuana addiction. There are no medications for treating marijuana addiction at this time. However, different types of marijuana addiction treatment programs are available that effectively deal with teen marijuana addiction. All marijuana addiction treatment programs focus on counseling and group support system. The treatment type chosen for a teen is determined by the adolescent's level of use and his or her mental health and medical issues. Treatments vary in length. Excluding detoxification, which as discussed above is not one of the options for marijuana, all treatments last more than a few weeks. some treatment, such as long-term residential treatment can last 30 days or longer.

Effective treatment of marijuana addiction, like all drug addictions, requires personalized treatment plan that not only addresses the specific drug involved but the addicted person's personality and circumstances of use.

Psychology plays a bigger role in the addicted teens than other groups of addicts. Inclusion of family, especially in the teen's drug rehabilitation treatment, is critical to the success of the treatment. This is the reason that rehab facilities include parents and family members in their addiction therapy programs.

Choosing a teen marijuana rehab treatment facility, involves the understanding of the facility’s personalized teen oriented rehabilitation program and how it takes into account the developmental needs of the teens. It is not uncommon for teens with drug or alcohol problems to be dealing with some type of mental issues too. The facility of choice should be able to treat those mental health issues as well.

Another important part of teen’s addiction treatment is addressing his or her educational needs. It is crucial to minimize the impact of treatment on the child’s education and his chance of graduating from high school, while away from home in the treatment center. For this reason, specialized adolescent teen rehab facilities, provide educational program alongside the addiction treatment.

Additionally, addiction treatment facilities specializing in teen's addictions, offer extra-curricular activities such as sports and educational outings. These types of activities help teens complete the treatment to start with and will positively influence teen’s social behaviors such as team play skills, trust in others, sense of responsibility and self-confidence. Before choosing a treatment facility for your teen, talk to the facility’s counselor or therapist, ask questions about the staff, the facility and the addiction treatment programs they offer.

As everyone agrees, choosing the right treatment facility is the most important step in choosing the right treatment.Most parents recognize when their child needs help. If you find out that your teen is struggling with marijuana use or substance abuse in general, seeking help early can prevent a tragic outcome and stop your loved one from becoming another statistics.

One such specialized treatment center that you should include in your choices, is Inspirations Teen Rehab. Inspirations Teen Rehab, an Adolescent Addiction Treatment Center will help you navigate the path of finding the right rehab center and point you, at least, in the right direction.

All treatment programs at Inspirations Teen Rehab are specifically put together to deal with teens addictions. They offer outpatient, inpatient and residential addiction treatment programs with extracurricular activities and continuing educational programs. Their programs are geared toward treatment and relapse prevention through sports, education, counseling and group and famiy therapies.

You can contact one of their licensed therapists by calling 1-888-757-6237, or get information about their facility by visiting their website at:

They also have a separate facility offering addiction treatment for young adults and adults. Contact their adult facility by calling 1-888-387-6237 or visit their website at http://www.covecenterforrecovery.com

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