Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prescription Opiates in America

While prescription opiates are effective and crucial to patients with debilitating aches and pains, in recent years they have become a popular recreational drug among teens. Available at only a fraction of the cost of other popular mainstream drugs like heroin, prescription drugs are easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

In the U.S, prescription opiates are the second most abused drug after marijuana and in recent years the number of its victims, a large number being adolescents, has virtually multiplied.

Most teenagers turn to prescription drugs because they perceive them as less dangerous than illegal drugs. They see prescription drugs as saver than other illegal drugs carrying no stigma when compared to illegal drugs.

While early prevention has been statistically proven to decrease opiate addiction, parents can play a key role in preventing adolescents from accessing prescription drugs in the first place. Parents are expected to properly discard any left-over prescription medication left in their medicine cabinets and discuss the dangerous side effects of using such drugs, even if their child seems oblivious to such topics. Furthermore, considering the alarming statistics of “straight A” adolescents who wound up experimenting with prescription opiates and becoming addicted, families should not “assume” that their child will never make such an attempt, as this has caused many devastating situations with fatal endings.

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