Thursday, September 15, 2011

Key Elements of Effective Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Assessment and Treatment Matching; Inspirations Teen Rehab Programs conducts comprehensive assessments that cover psychiatric, psychological, and medical problems, learning disabilities, family functioning, and other aspects of the adolescents life.

Comprehensive, Integrated Treatment Approach. Inspirations Teen Rehab addresses adolescent’s problems comprehensively (medical, psychiatric, family, and environmental) rather than concentrating solely on curtailing substance abuse.

Family Involvement in Treatment; Inspirations Teen Rehab engages both adolescent and parents or caregiver and maintains close links with the adolescent’s family, home, school, and where necessary, the juvenile justice system.

Developmentally Appropriate Program; Inspirations Teen Rehab offers a program designed only for adolescents, therefore we understand the unique and rapid development that occurs during this phase.

Engage and Retain Teens in Treatment. Inspirations Teen Rehab Treatment Programs is known for its climate of trust between the adolescent and the therapist.

Qualified Staff. Inspirations Teen Rehab's Staff is trained in adolescent development, co-occurring mental disorders, substance abuse, and addiction. In addition our adolescent addiction treatment programs address the distinct needs of adolescent boys and girls (in individual gender groups) as well as cultural differences among minorities.

Continuing Care. Inspirations Teen Rehab Programs include relapse prevention training, aftercare plans, referrals to community resources, and follow-up.

Treatment Outcomes. In order to measure success and improve outcome, Inspirations Teen Rehab continuously work on treatment program evaluations, research and target new resources.

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