Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Jersey Teen Addiction

Teen drug abuse and teen addiction is being taken seriously in the state of New Jersey. A recent article in a Cape May County newspaper, addressed the issue of teen drinking, by providing the following information: "According to the New Jersey Prevention Network, the average age of first use of alcohol is now 11 years old and the research further indicates that young people in New Jersey appear to be experimenting with alcohol at a rate above that reported nationally. Approximately 407,000 underage youth in the state drink each year." "According to a report in the Journal of Substance Abuse, more than 40% of individuals who start drinking before the age of 13 will develop alcohol abuse problems later in life. "Teens need to realize their brains are still developing until they are in their mid 20s and alcohol abuse could have long term consequences."
Prevention is the first step in addressing teen addiction. Preventing teen alcohol addiction begins with good communication between parents and teens. Teens who feel comfortable approaching their parents with challenging situations, peer pressure, and teen problems, are more likely to reach out to their parents, when help is needed.
Teen alcohol addiction and teen drug addiction are national problems, surfacing in every city throughout the United States. New Jersey has been a state which faces problems head-on and seeks to find resolution quickly. It is comforting to read and know, the residents of New Jersey are openly discussing teen addiction and seeking solutions for their youth.

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