Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marijuana is still the "gateway" drug.

For years we have been told that Marijuana is the "gateway" drug for teens who are more likely to struggle with drug abuse or addiction. Recent studies now demonstrate the truth in Marijuana as a "gateway" drug. According to SAMHSA (, in 2008, the specific drug categories with the largest number of recent initiates (first time drug users) among persons aged 12 or older were marijuana use (2.2 million) and use of pain relievers (2.2 million), followed by use of tranquilizers (1.1 million), Ecstasy (0.9 million), inhalants (0.7 million), cocaine (0.7 million), and stimulants (0.6 million).
In summary, marijuana was the illicit drug with the highest rate of past year dependence or abuse in 2008, followed by pain relievers and cocaine.
Most parents who call Inspirations Teen Addiction Treatment Center, with reports of marijuana addiction, are very well aware of the addictive behaviors associated with use of marijuana. Most parents or loved ones reporting a teen addiction, also report a beginning use of marijuana, leading to marijuana abuse and then other drugs and a "preferred drug of choice. If you suspect or know a teen in your family is abusing or addicted to drugs (including marijuana), get help immediately. Teen Addiction Treatment Centers are instrumental in the recovery process of Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction.

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