Monday, June 13, 2011

Drug Addicted Child – Don’t Be an Enabler Get Professional Help

Dealing with a drug addicted child may be one of the hardest and painful journey parents can go through. Getting advice from friends and professionals is one thing but to put that advice into action and try to prevent the child from slipping deeper into addiction is a completely different process.

Parents of drug addicted children often watch the child's personality and demeanor change. A parent's love is not enough to prevent this as the child no longer sees the parent in the same way. The people they loved and cherished have vanished and the only thing they see now a source of income - another way to obtain the drugs they need. The relationship has changed, the child the parents once knew has gone and love is not what it used to be. Although the child may show attention and affection, it is usually a way to get what they need.

A drug addicted child needs money for drugs and a place to live. As long as these two are provided chances are they may never want to drop the drug abuse habit. They may even be able to convince the parents they have stopped, just to start the cycle again. Parents of drug addicted children need to know that love and affection must take a new form. There is no longer protection in the home as this may provide a feeding ground for the addiction. Anything that could trigger an overdose or fuel the drug abuse habit must be cut off if the child is still living at home, and the safest way to support and aid any type of recovery is by the means of professional help for both the family and the addicted child.

Parents and caretakers of drug addicted children must realize that this not a phase that will pass on its own. If required, parents must acquire the appropriate help themselves before they attempt to help their child. Not knowing what to do will only add tension to an already painful experience. No family is immune to such a situation and all measures must be taken to provide help as there is no pain greater for a parent than burying a child.

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