Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prescription for Opioids Often Precedes Teen Addiction

With recent studies suggesting a strong link between teen opioid abuse and a history of prior opioid prescriptions, many believe the only way to end the cycle of teen opioid addiction is to prevent them from getting their hands on it in the first place; suggesting the reduction or potential elimination of legally prescribed opiates by doctors to teens.

Results from a medical record review presented at the American Society of Addiction Medicine's 42nd annual medical-scientific conference revealed that the majority (67%) of 125 teenagers seeking treatment for opiod addiction had a history of at least one prescription for opiate within 2 years of their addiction.

Studies revealed that the common drugs abused included hydrocodone, codeine and tramadol. It was also noted that on average females receive more than twice as many prescriptions as males do; with their mean totaling 6.6, compared to that of males which is totals 3.0.

Dr. Junig, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin, who also runs a private clinic in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, recently stated that the use of opioids at young age reinforces "addictive thinking — an inappropriate focus inward and the desire to change one's mood using medications". He also says that opioids should be prescribed only for those who have failed back surgeries or those who have phantom limb pain, for example — people who have failed conservative measures. As teens rarely fall into this category, Junig believes that they are not appropriate candidates for opiods. When prescribing opiods to adolescents one disregards the huge problems that will appear down the line- including tolerance, psychological dependency and withdrawal.

Inspirations for Youth and Families co-founder Karen Walsh says: "Forty percent of the teens admitted to our facility for prescription drug addiction treatment had been prescribed opiods in the past. The remaining sixty percent are teens who started their addiction by experimentation." Last year alone the majority of teens treated for drug addiction at their residential facility reported starting they drug abuse with prescription drugs, and about fifty percent of all admissions at Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab were related to prescription drug dependency.

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