Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adolescent Heroin Addiction Epidemic in Western New York

At about a fraction of the cost of other recreational drugs used to obtain hallucinogenic effects, the widespread availability and affordability of heroin is now taking the lives of teens who specifically seek this drug because of low costs.

The problem which can be considered a national epidemic seems to be particularly affecting the teens of Western New York, as it has become the latest fad amongst local teenagers.

Reports have shown that many teens have died from consuming what are commonly known as “tainted batches” of heroin, and that because of the affordability factor of this drug, “tainted” batches are commonly used to replace genuine batches; leaving the young victims unaware of their doomed fate.

A recovering addict who is now a drug counselor, Nick Manuszewski believes the region is “experiencing a heroin-use spike of unbelievable proportion." He also stated that teens often travel to Buffalo's West Side to purchase their heroin, which is where investigators believe the tainted batches of heroin originated from.

A recovering addict himself, Manuszewski warned that "Pills and prescription opiates had surpassed marijuana as the most commonly used drug in the United States," and that this should be an eye opener for families and officials.

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