Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pastor in Tennessee Addresses Epidemic Issues of Illegal Drug Abuse

MONROE COUNTY, Tenn., Pastors will take a public stand with a day of prayers in April 2, 2011 to address epidemic issues of illegal drug abuse, prescription drug abuse and their effects on children and families.

Pastor David Cooper’s gathering is inspired by the documentary movie "Appalachian Dawn".

During CCC News interview with Pastor David Cooper, he was asked what has lead him to organize this day of prayer and he answers : "Well, about a year and a half ago God put it upon my heart to combat drugs in east Tennessee. I know so many young people who have been on meth and oxycotton. Many of them have died. I happen to be the pastor that performed the funerals. God put it upon my heart to start praying and fasting about the drug problems in our area. Then the Appalachian Dawn DVD appeared and my wife and I watched it. We decided to show it to our church. After the church saw it, I really prayed hard about the next step. One thing just lead to another and its lead us to where we're at. We're just responding to the call of God, to be obedient to God."

Mr. Cooper has reported that there are other people involved in an operation they call operation P.U.S.H. Together they hope to combat drug abuse and addiction in the area.

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