Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Naples, Florida

Naples, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida is called the crown jewel of Southwest Florida. It is known for its world class shopping, dining and abundant, challenging golf courses. However this city of fun and sun is by no means immune from one of the most urgent problems of the nation, namely, teen drug addiction.

For some times now, the residents of Florida's West Coast like the residents of Collier County have had a need for a well run, certified and licensed local adolescent substance abuse treatment and family therapy. In response to this need, Inspirations Teen Rehab - Naples, a specialized drug and alcohol treatment facility for adolescentes ages 12 to 18, will offer residential and outpatient program for local residents and surrounding areas. Inspirations Naples is ready to provide short term or long term teen Residential addiction treatment program to families struggling with the chaos of addiction. Inspirations Teen Rehab in Naples is ready to provide it’s nationally renowned approach in working with teens and families incorporating the Naples community and outdoor activities native to Florida's tropical landscape. As such, Inspirations Teen Rehab - Naples will take advantage of the available local activities such as snorkeling, boating, rafting, air boating and wildlife eco-tours and use them as a tool in addiction treatment therapy programs geared toward teaching teens trust, responsibility, team play and living life the healthy way without drugs and alcohol. These are just a few opportunities for teens to blend daily healthy life choices with intense individual addiction treatment therapy and family therapeutic workshops to achieve life skills required for a complete and lasting treatment from addiction.

Teens who come to Inspirations are troubled, confused and frightened. The defiance, anger, and rebelliousness reflect their confusion and fear. The first step in saving a child from a self-destructive path of academic failure, dangerous drug and alcohol experimentation, and even brushes with police is to realize you teen needs professional help. Inspirations Teen Rehab Residential treatment programs such as our teen behavior therapeutic programs along with our educational program are designed to take teens of the immediate environment where peer pressure and other negative influences might interfere with the therapeutic process. Many of the teens who come to Inspirations Teen Rehab in Naples, FL have the primary need of individualized attention, and professional intervention offered by our behavioral therapeutical addiction treatment programs.

At Inspirations Teen Rehab in Naples, teens who have depression, or other complicating issues can receive the attention that is required to their specific needs. One of the greatest problems facing these teens is that they easily get "lost in the crowd." Bright, capable kids might be written off as "difficult" or "defiant" and end up lost in the public school system or in traditional private schools. Inspirations offer specialized therapeutic behavioral and educational programs for teens in small class sizes, teachers and specialists who understand teens' particular struggles, and uniquely impacting environments for teens who easily fall through the cracks in the home environment.

Visit Inspirations web site for more information on teen substance abuse and teen behavior treatment programs.

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