Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Signs of Teen Marijuana Use - Teens Smoking Pot

It can be difficult to identify marijuana use if you don't see your child after he or she has smoked, when they are still experiencing the effects of the drug. But below are a few signs you should watch for:

• Blood shot eyes
• Clothing and hair frequently smell like smoke
• Drug paraphernalia in the room, or carried about (most notably a bong)
• Memory seems to be deteriorating
• Starts to lose interest in outside activities, including work, family and school
• Dramatic changes in weight and/or sleeping habits

If you suspect your child is smoking pot, seek professional help as marijuana may lead to other drugs. The earlier you act upon your child’s addiction problems the better off your child will be.

When choosing a teen marijuana rehab treatment program, it's important to ensure that the program is specifically for teens due to their developmental needs. Also, if the teen has mental health issues, the facility should be able to treat them at the same time. Some adolescent teen rehabs provide alongside addiction treatment an educational program which will help your child in keeping their school credits while away from home in a treatment center.

Some specialized addiction treatment facilities for teens offer extra-curricular activities such as sports and special outings. These types of activities will help teens complete the treatment and will positively influence teen’s social behavior like team play skills, trust in others, sense of responsibility and self confidence.

Inspirations for Youth and FamiliesAddiction Treatment for Teens: 1-888-757-6237

Cove Center for Recovery Addiction Treatment for adults and young adults: 1-888-387-6237

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