Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teens, Marijuana use and depression

Many people assume that when teens use illegal drugs it is because they are addicted to the feeling it brings about or that the users want to use the drugs to reach a high. However new studies show that this is not always the case. Many teens are turning to drugs as an alternative to legal medications or legal therapies. This could explain why your teen is using drugs.

Some parents do not have open line of communication with their teens, they might think they do, but in reality for some reason, their teen is not telling them all. One sure sign is if every time you ask your teen how they are and they always respond with “I am fine or everything is fine,” this might indicate that they are not telling you something. Nobody is fine all the time, especially during the teenage years with tribulations of friends and young relationships. Maybe your teen tried to ask for help but in a way you did not understand, or maybe they do not know how to ask for help. Either way for about one third of teens that smoke marijuana, they smoke instead of going to therapy or taking medication to cope with issues in their lives. Their goal is not to get high but instead to find means to deal with certain aspects of their life.

In a recent study conducted, teens complained about using marijuana because they did not have access to the appropriate health care, and when they did, what was prescribed to them did not make them feel any better. They report that marijuana helps them relax and prescribed drugs such as Prozac, cause sleeping, mood and emotional problems. If and when prescribing medication to teens, site effects should be monitored closely. As not all drugs work the same for everyone, in fact it may cause more harm than good.

Your teen does not need to resource to illegal drugs to fit in society. Your teen needs help, support and counseling. Research indicates that the family is the most important aspect in preventing adolescent substance abuse. It is even greater than peer influence. In fact the positive role of family influence and the structure of the family, help to prevent poor peer choices in addition to poor choices or risky behaviors of substance abuse. Be an active part of your teens life and if your teen is depressed and using drugs seek professional help. It is never too late to prevent and/or stop an addiction. You as a parent of a family member can prevent a tragic outcome. Don't let your child become a statistic.

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