Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teen Marijuana Addiction

Teen Marijuana Addiction is common and overlooked as a serious teen addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, regarding marijuana in 2007, teens are four times more likely to use marijuana as compared to adults. Marijuana alters mind and mood. It is addictive. Teens abusing marijuana demonstrate the same behaviors as teens abusing prescription narcotic drugs and non-prescription narcotic drugs. Behaviors include changes that interfere with the teens ability to fulfill the demands of his/her daily routine, mood changes, decline in school grade point average, change in friends, reduced time spent with family, change in body weight, and notable unpredictable behaviors. Statistics continue to report that marijuana is still the"gateway" drug. Teens using, abusing, or addicted to marijuana are more likely to seek additional narcotic drugs to continue the search for another "high", ultimately increasing a teen's probability for becoming a teen drug addict. If a parent or family member suspects or knows a teen is abusing or addicted to marijuana, it is advisable to intervene and seek the help of an adolescent addiction treatment center.

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