Monday, March 2, 2009

Oxycodone abuse is becoming a national phenomenon among teens

Oxycodone, also called oxy or O.C., has become the cocaine among teens. Oxy price ranges from $20 to $60 a pill and when teens can no longer afford O.C., they are turning to heroin which is cheaper but just as potent and deadly as Oxycodone.

Our clinical supervisor has reported an increase on clients/teens with oxy addictions coming in last fall to our youth addiction drug and alcohol treatment center. This comes to us as no surprise as we know that prescription drugs are readily available in high schools throughout the country.

What is really alarming is that teens are reporting that they are smoking the pills instead of swallowing or snorting them. Smoking pills is more dangerous than taking them by mouth or snorting them, because the drug goes directly from the lungs to the brain, instead of being slowly absorbed through the stomach, kidney and other organs.

Sadly, Oxycodone is considered a status symbol among affluent teens and when they no longer can afford these pills they often turn to heroin which is just as potent and deadly.

For more information on teen addictions and treatment please visit us at our Youth Addiction Treatment Center website.

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